I am very happy to introduce myself to you.

I am very happy to introduce myself to you.

First of all, I am passionate about selling real estate. It never feels like work to me because I love what I do and do it endlessly with joy. From the start, I wanted to be involved in real estate and I can say that after having my license for almost 20 years and selling real estate on Cape Cod for over 10 years, (I was in the Boston area first), I feel very confident in my chosen profession. I make it look easy because I have been involved with every market since 1984, when I  purchased my first home at the age of 24.

Real Estate, though, is not for the weak hearted and by choosing me to represent you, I will bring forth that fighting spirit to get done what must be done for you. I have negotiated many successful deals but most importantly I have always followed the golden rule.

Also a business degree from UMASS with a specialization in marketing, has really prepared me to successfully do the work that needs to be done. Being married for 27 years, to my college sweetheart and raising a houseful of children, 5 at last count, ranging in age from 27-14, has prepared me like no other job could have.

I look forward to talking with you and serving you in the towns on the Lower Cape(which really looks like the Upper Cape on a map)Those towns are EASTHAM, where I presently live in an old antique home, or ORLEANS, where I lived for over 6 years very close to Skaket Beach. I have great knowledge of ,HARWICH,Truro and of course,CHATHAM! I can actually help you in any Cape town to find the resourses you need. I just love the Cape and feel it a priviledge to not only live here but to be involved in Cape Cod's real estate market And it's never a closing for me-it is a beginning-A Beginning of a Wonderful Cape Cod Relatonship! I am always available to make your real estate needs on Cape Cod easier at 508-237-9496. It is truly my honor to assist you!

 Purchasing a home is one of the single most important investments in a person's life. With my expertise and guidance in the home buying and selling process, I can help find the most appropriate home for you. You can be assured that an experienced Real Estate Professional is working with your interests in mind. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Remember to sign up to receive free daily email updates so that you can keep abreast of all available properties.